Blocked noses; Not a bed of roses. Do’s and Don’ts of nasal congestion.

nasivionSelective hearing loss is what we all laugh about – times when your child chooses to ignore you. However, true hearing loss is no laughing matter, the consequences of which can be long lasting and heartbreaking. We are talking about hearing abilities but “Did you know that the ears are connected directly to your nose?” The most common loss of hearing starts with the nose!
The onset of monsoons triggers the viral and bacterial infections. Sinuses are air filled cavities located in the face, bones around the nose, cheeks and forehead and when this sinus gets infected; it results in the blockage of this pathway.

Moving ahead from the science and anatomy, all of this leads to extreme crankiness, loss of appetite, sleepless nights and whole of lot of stress to the parents and caregivers especially when it comes down to seeing your little one look to you for relief in so much discomfort.
My son who is now 3, was down with cold and coughs initially every month. I still get sleepless nights thinking about those sleepless nights! However, at that time, and even now, my go-to medicine is Nasivion® Paediatric (Child) Nose Drops. The dosage being as follows: One drop in each nostril up to the age of 4 weeks, 4th week upto 1 year- 1 drop in each nostril 2-3 times a day; as directed by our physician. Nasivion (baby) drops can be saviors till the age of 1 if prescribed post consultation with your pediatrician, especially since the babies are obligatory nose breathers in the early year.

As the little ones grow up, they are in better control and can switch to breathing from their mouth, however, the stress is no less. My son’s birthday comes in the rainy season and as expected it is followed by a season of cold!
We then switched to Nasivion (Pediatric) drops for instant relief, as it was a regular case of infection triggered again and again in the wet season.

Although there a lot of products on the shelf, there are some home-remedies as well which can be convenient for the mothers:-
1. Give lots of fluids like formula or breastmilk to infants. Older kids can be served soups and hot beverage (without caffeine of course)
2. Use a cool-mist humidifier if the air is dry. Help your kids sit in steam while running a hot shower or use a hot compress by soaking a towel in warm water, squeezing the excess water and using it to cover your kid’s nose and forehead.
3. Kids older than a year can be given ½ to 1 tbsp of honey to treat congestion. You should never give honey to kids younger than 1 as it contains botulinum spores which the baby’s intestines isn’t immune to.

There are some don’ts to be kept in mind for your infants and toddlers:-
1. Don’t have your child around anyone who smokes.
2. Avoid giving your kids beverages that cause dehydration like ice tea, coffee, tea, some soft drinks.
3. Avoid over-the-counter medicines for children under 3 years and always consult a doctor before giving any medicine (if required)
4. Don’t share cups, glasses and utensils with the kids especially during cold and flu season.
5. Don’t give herbal remedies as they are ineffective in cases of children and may cause a skin rash.

Nasal congestion is the most common disease but symptoms that go over two weeks require major attention. The child may experience discomfort since nose is the only way through which they breathe and nasal congestion can make them cranky and moody. Games and outings prove to be a good distraction. Talking to them and singing to them is enough to stimulate them. No need to avoid outings unless it’s cold outside. Do give extra TLC to the infant by keeping soft and cushioned things around them, give them a gentle tummy massage, distract them or take professional help from a doctor.
Finally, do remember that you can’t make the cold magically disappear or soothe their uncomfortable situation immediately, Try to remain calm and accept the fact that healing takes time!

Get all information about nasivion here at;

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Voylla, Crafting Perfection

Voylla has changed me!

From ordering online, to running to their stores for something or the other, my journey with voylla has been nothing but full of satisfaction.
Satiating every woman’s thirst for the best piece of jewel with her outfit since 2012, this brand is synonymous with magnificence.
Whether you are 16 or 60, you are guaranteed to find many suitable pieces in a pocket friendly range (Rs 150 to 4500 ) as you start exploring the creations of this brand.
Thus, it was obvious that I had to be there when they announced their new folklore collection.

The Voylla Folklore collection  is pure magic! It draws its inspiration from the colourful attire of Bhawai dancers; their embellishments, dresses, their lifestyle, the subtle details and relics that was lost in the sands of time. Each designer piece journeys deep into heart of Rajasthan Dancers to rediscover the forgotten tales of its legacy.

The outlet’s beautiful visual merchandising is a window into the brands devotion towards enhancing the whole experience with the launch of its retail outlets recently.



The #voyylafolklore rings displayed elegantly at the store, telling the story behind the rich creation.

A talk with the marketing ninja of the brand Vishakha and you know why the brand is now a pioneer in its field. With more than 10,000 products, 40,000 unique designs, keeps pace with the changing trends & styles and continues to add more than 500 products every week, without any compromise on craftsmanship.

How do you do it Vishakha? 😉


Apart from the Folklore collections it was the beauty of Akshay Trithaya collection that caught my eye. Any girl would fall in love with the irresistible pieces at such amazing prices.

The beautiful jewels are sure to make way in your jewel collection!

And though i am a lover of traditional elements when it comes to my jewels  I couldn’t help but fall in love with the amazing pieces in the IPL collection.

Next  IPL season, I  am coming for these!

Here’s me, feeling simply beautiful donning the excellent Voylla creations.


Restaurant Review, Barcelos Khan Market


Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on  I’m contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Barcelos Khan Market.

You can also upload your video review on AskMe!!

So I finally succumbed to all the hype about the black and red burger at Barcelos, Khan market. The place is quite nice as compared to it’s counterparts, with right amount of music playing in the background, an eager and cheerful staff and some tasty food for the palate. It was full on a weekday so we got seated on the top most level which I think also had the bar. The seating and ergonomics is excellent, staff likes to help out a lot and I love it because they serve you with a smile!

Their menu is to-the-point and all that we tried was good in terms of quality and taste. Here’s our order

1. Kaala khatta – refreshing and served in a good quantity which is a plus point.

2. Arabian Mezze platter Could sense freshness in all the accompaniments and pita dough was light.

3. The grilled chicken is divided into various portions and accompaniment options which I think is a great idea, one should be able to order as per convenience. So I ordered two pieces accompanied with sautéed veggies, the whole of it was amazing and a must-try!

4. Finally coming to the Black Burger– hate to say it but yes you can actually give it a miss. The grilled patty was tasteless and the whole of it was not value for money. I would rather request these guys to promote their other dishes, concept and portions because all the other dishes we ordered are something that we will be back for!

Happy eating….


4 great make up artists that will blow your mind but not your wallet! #Bride alert

cover makeup post
We all want to look our best on wedding functions but as we step out to book the best names in the industry, we as a brides might get guilty of looking great at a heavy cost.
But now many Delhi brides are coming to realise that following the heart and not the herd can achieve better consequences!
We have listed 4 great make up artists here who connect best with the young brides and are slowly becoming the hot favourites  among them.
They are decently priced and have revolutionised the make up industry by moving  from gaudy to subtle, enhancing just the right assets and giving a subtle charm, that of young, glowing yet confident Delhi bride!
Check our their portfolios and make sure you try them out, (also make sure you book them on time).
Aastha Agarwal 
Astha Agarwal
Astha Agarwal
Her make up kit is a brides delight, a cocktail of global brands, the best of everything in the world of make up is there, to make sure the bride not just looks pretty on her wedding day but doesn’t end up with a horrible skin the next day.
Aasthas work is class apart and I will vouch for it any given day!
reception  bridal  bridalastha

Ps- her easy-to-follow make up tips on her YouTube channel are great for brides post wedding too!

The man at work!
Every bride’s dream is to have him work his charm on her. And why not guru’s make up brush is like a wand that creates just the look you wanted. Ofcourse a pre discussion session with him makes him understand not only how you want your face to look but your personality and likes; making him use the right strokes and suitable products! Never has he seen an unhappy customer.
Chandini Singh 
Based out of New friends colony market, this make up artist is again what every Delhi bride is asking for! Her ability is not to transform but to enhance. Her customers have seen their make up last till the last picture and are more than happy to recommend her.

Oh for the bridesmaid, you can also get your make up done from her studio by some of the trained professionals under her who are living up to her name very well


Ridhi Matreja 
With many feathers in her hat, Ridhi is now not only the first choice for brides but also for brands that want to portray much more than a beautiful face in their campaigns. An ace make up artist, one look at her work would want you to make that call, but just make sure you make that call much in advance for millions of excited brides want Ridhi by their side on their wedding.

All work just to Play! Start up chat with founder of PlayNlive, Nakul Kapur


Passion driven, focussed and of-course a staunch believer for “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, Nakul Kapur, founder of is sure that his idea is perfect for sports enthusiasts like him. His venture is your one-stop solution for finding the best sports, fitness and health facilities and book trials before you zero in on any one.

Today we take his take on his own venture, the future plans and how the idea evolved along with the social media strategies that went to into building this exhaustive compilation of remarkable facilities:

Question 1. : The eureka moment. (How Playnlive was born)

have been connected to sports for years and have represented my school and college in multiple sports at various levels. After completing my MBA from International Management Institute (IMI, Delhi) I started working in Gurgaon and didn’t get much to play my favourite sports. I used to struggle in finding partners to play because of the hectic working hours. Also there wasn’t any concrete information available across web on the sports facilities across the city. That’s when I started for people to discover places to play sports in Delhi NCR.

Question 2 :         The who-is-who of


Founder & CEO – Nakul Kapur 

Co-Founder & Head of operations – Rahul Wadhwa

Question 3  :        Why should I choose playnlive?

If you are a sports or/and fitness maverick, Playnlive is the only platform that will help you find out concrete information on the facilities available in your city. Apart from the basic details like mobile number, email id, finding location on the map you can also find out reviews of other people who have visited the facility. This will help you in making informed choices. We are adding a lot more features like high quality images (available only for a few at present) for you to make better decisions in selecting your sports/fitness partner.

Question 4 :         What is the way forward for playnlive?

Currently we are committed to be India’s largest online sports discovery and booking platform and thats what we see atleast for the next 12 months. However we are in the midst of developing a social networking experience for the users to help them find partners to play with. This will revolutionize the way people look at sports and fitness in the country.

Question 5 :         One value you swear by?

Idea has shell life of banana, its all about execution.

Question 6 :         How playnlive leverages social media? Social media vs

Conventional marketing, you would choose?

We have been very active across social media; Playnlive has presence across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others. Even though are focus hasnt been much on social media. 80% of our traffic is driven through organic search and only 15% is driven through social. It is also huge when you see in absolute numbers. Going forward our focus will grow on social media and we expect 30-40% will come from different social media platforms. 

Question 7 :         Some great social media campaigns and contest that made a  remarkable difference to the brand in early stages?

We did a campaign ‘Stay Fit Stay Happy’ in the month of May’2014 and got our social media traffic zoom upto 5x. We have planned something better for 2015. Stay tuned!


Question 8 :         How is Indian market different from the rest w.r.t to engaging people and making them understand and love the concept?

The market for sports, health and fitness is much mature abroad. We have just got my IMI junior (batch 2013) join us to head sales who quit a well paying job in Dubai. We are seriously looking at Dubai as a market and it is very matured. We are still growing here in India when it comes to awareness about health. Even though people are interested in sports, there is lack of information across web. Playnlive will revolutionize the industry.

Question 9 :         One word that comes to your mind when we say:



InspirationMy Grandfather


Dream: To be known as someone who revolutionised sports and fitness industry across the globe.

Question10: One advice to all other start-ups and budding entrepreneurs..

A-If you want to do it, today is the time. Tomorrow never comes. Just do it!


Best places to shop for your bridal lehenga! Article for


 The date is set, the relatives are happy, the parents are stressed and you? What about you; the bride, the star of the show? All you have been asked to do is glow and smile and be healthy…but little do they know that you are having sleepless nights and stressed-out days wondering how to find the perfect bridal lehenga on your wedding!

Let us be your angels from heaven, if you are Delhi girl, here are some great ideas to shop for your wedding lehenga.

Before a I go ahead, I would again like to stress on the fact that every bride follows a million Facebook pages, wedding blogs and flips through numerous catalogues to find a great looking ensemble, the truth is what looks good on your neighbor’s daughter-in law or that some model may just not be your thing! So? So…there’s nothing wrong with having an idea or design ready, but don’t get too fixated, as you head out in the ever-changing Delhi weather make sure you keep some space in your head and heart for some new designs and ideas.

Now coming to the point (S)

Start with the A-lists

I started my shopping spree well in advance atThe DLF Emporium Mall checking out the bridal lehenga collection of SUNEET VARMA,ROHIT BAL and RAVI BAJAJ to understand the trend and styles and of-course pick-up something if it was in the budget.

Read the full story here

How to Style your wedding lehenga. | Article for Shaadisaga 

My article for Shaadisaga. Have a look! 


 Getting married is a huge task for the family and a period of exhaustion and stress for the bride. After all it’s her day she has to look picture perfect even as she has a heavy heart for she bids goodbye to her old life! 

  1. Create a look

Well hello, honestly there’s no scope for window shopping and endless visits to all the places that are well known for wedding lehengas. You MUST have some idea (colour, design, style etc) of what you’re looking for in your D-day attire to avoid getting hyper at the end of every visit.


For more tips hover on to http://www.shaadisaga and enjoy the full article

In Secret Matrimony- Cam and Benji tie the knot! | Article For Shaadi Saga



The “Other Woman”, “Charlie’s Angels” star Cameron Diaz has made sure she is the only woman in beau Benji’s life by sealing the wedding deal!

After an year of full of star and paparazzi studded weddings Hollywood saw, this was perhaps the most carefully planned private ceremony held on January 5th in LA ,.. And as we call it … The best kept secret.
Read more on the official blog of Shaadisaga

A Chat with the founders of CashKaro!

The wonder website Cashkaro is today a household name. From familiarizing all of us about the cash-back concept to getting us hooked to it, the brand stands tall and proud with more than just one feather in its hat . “Earn as you indulge” is how we define Cashkaro and thats why we finally decided to ask the brains behind this magic to tell us how they made this happen.

Here it goes… a small chat with co-founder couple Rohan and Swati Bhargava about their dream and passion,!

Start Up story- Cashkaro

Question 1.: The eureka moment. (How Cashkaro was born)


We always knew that Cashkaro would come to India but when, we did not know. In fact we had already registered the domain for Cashkaro along with Pouring Pounds. However, the eureka moment came when some of our first users from India came up on our UK website and engaged in booking 10-15 flight tickets available with discounts and Cashbacks. This was when we realised that India which was at the moment experiencing the convenience of e-commerce, was in fact ready for Coupons & Cashback. After all this was the obvious way to shop, then why not just do it! We started off with 2 years after Pouring Poundsand then moved to India when the business required our presence.

Question 2 :The who-is-who of Cashkaro?


The core team at includes me, Swati and the rest of the team who were already working with us on Pouring Pounds. Both Swati and I (my wife and co-founder) met while we were still graduating from the London School of Economics. Both of us worked with financial organisations in the UK like Goldman Sachs, Washington Square though we had our minds set on our plans.  We learned about each other’s  dreams about doing something of our own, which turned out to be similar. And then we began with the Cashback business. Both Swati& I have worked hard on Cashkaro backed by an efficient and a dedicated team of more than 30 people based out of Gurgaon and Chennai.

Question 3  :Why should I choose Cashkaro?

Why shouldn’t you? A website partnering with 500+ renown online retailers offering amazing discounts and Cashback on everything you purchase at the same time. What could possibly hold one from availing such amazing offers? All you need to do is come to first & then visit your favourite ecommerce site from here and shop as normal. Along with latest Coupons & discounts, you get EXTRA Cashback on every order. For example, we give Extra 10% Cashback on all Jabong orders, over & above their 30% off Coupons. The deal is just too good! Similarly you can also get Myntra Coupon Codes, Amazon Coupons & offers on 500 brands.

Question 4 :What is the way forward for Cashkaro?


We have just turned One and Cashkaro has a long way ahead. Focussing  on amplifying the brand presence of Cashkaro across India we are always looking forwardto introduce more and more users to Cashkaro.The next big thing will be to integrate product price comparison along with Cashback & Coupons. That will fundamentally change how people shop online. Mobile app is also on the cards and so are some cool features that will enhance user experience.

Planning is also underway for international expansion to cover regions around India such as Singapore, Thailand and the rest of the South-East Asian countries.

Question 5 :One value you swear by?

images (1)

Hard work! Nothing can beat you if you are dedicated towards what you want to do and are working hard towards achieving what you want.

Question 6 :How Cashkaro leverages social media? Social media vs Conventional marketing, you would choose?

social media

We began using social media channels right from the beginning for that extra bit of promotion for! In about two months, after Cashkaro’s launch we had a couple of thousand fans and users. We learned that our social media outreach was quite good organically and it got people talking about Cashkaro. Hence, we have been constantly improving our social media handles. Six months and onwards the number of fans and followers has only climbed the charts.. We now enjoy a fan following of more than 5 lakh. Social media generates a significant amount of traffic for our retailers.

Though conventional marketing has its own benefits,with social media we have achieved great exposure for Cashkaro. We are actively engaged in using the social media channels to promote the brand with means of contests and multiple campaigns. In future we might also try conventional marketing strategies.

Question 7 :Some great social media campaigns and contest that made a remarkable difference to the brand in early stages?


Like I said before we had been involved in promoting the brand Cashkaro on social media handles way back since Cashkaro began. One of the first major campaigns we aired on our Facebook, Twitter handles was  for the GOSF or the Google Online Shopping Festival which saw mass user base engaging in shopping from the major retail brands such as Jabong, Myntra and Flipkartvia Cashkaro. GOSF was a carnival where we saw the daily traffic and sales multiplying both on our social media handles and the website.

The Raja Rani, two characters on comic strips made a highlight during the initial days. We introduced Raja and Rani who talked about Cashbacks all the time. This initiative got people talking about!

Cashkaro turning One was celebrated extensively on the social media channels where we ran contests and campaigns for users allowing everyone a chance to win awesome deals and Cashbacks. Users played ‘Spin karo Win Karo’ and won bonus recharges & many prizes as well.

We picked up on the IPL fever prevalent in India and ran contests for this. Considering India’s love for cricket, IPL to be exact, the IPL contest was well received by users and fans alike with match posts getting 1000 comments at times.

We run daily puzzles and contest for our followers on social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter which engages the online shoppers in talking about our retail partners, the best deals on Cashkaro and the amazing Cashbacks.

Question 8 :How is Indian market different from the rest w.r.t to engaging people and making them understand and love the “Cashback” concept?


The consumers in general are the same. However, the real difference is about the education. The concept of Cashback is relatively new to India and the users here are just getting to know about coupons and Cashbacks unlike abroad where the Cashback concept has already been around for a few years.However, India being such a price conscious market, I am sure people here will quickly embrace the Cashback way of shopping!

Question 9 :One word that comes to your mind when we say:

  • Love: Family
  • Business: Passion
  • Inspiration: Every entrepreneur
  • Cashkaro: Fun
  • Dream: Time to wake-up!

Question 10 :One advice to all other start-ups and budding entrepreneurs..

The journey towards starting-up a firm of yours and being around it requires great strength, both mental and physical. Luckily, I found a co-founder in my wife, hence a piece of advice to start-ups and to budding entrepreneurs is to find a co-founder or a partner who could put in that extra effort when you need a hand and understand how tough things can get. A word of advice for all those who want to do something of their own is to simply follow what your heart wants to, work hard and believe in what you have set out to achieve.

Thanks a ton